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The City of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, located in the north part of the country, is an important crossroads of the Balkans and a significant port of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. In its 2,300 year-long existence, Thessaloniki has played a crucial role in the historical course of the land, from the Hellenistic and Roman years, its peak in the Byzantine period, to today. Nowadays, the city retains its cosmopolitan character and has an active role in the country's cultural affairs. Although its monuments remind us of its long history, the city has a modern look and way of life. A turning point for the city was in 1997 when Thessaloniki was elected Cultural Capital of Europe and a multitude of important art events took place and cultural institutions were founded. Today, Thessaloniki is increasing its cultural activities with its first Biennale, in order to establish a new art tradition in the city.


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