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01 September 2009


 Thirty-six Greek artists take a stand, with political works from the 1960s until today, which will be presented in the exhibition entitled “Personal-Political”, to be inaugurated on September 11th, at Warehouse B1, within the framework of the Parallel Programme of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, organized by the State Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition is also included in the programme of the 44th Dimitria.

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September 2008

02 September 2008

2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki 24th of May- 27th of September 2009 ˇPraxis: Art in Times of Uncertainty˘

"Praxis: Art in Times of Uncertainty" is the theme and title of this year’s 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art, which the State Museum of Contemporary Art/ Costakis Collection is putting together from the 24th May until the 27th of September 2009. Curators of the 2nd Biennale are Olabisi Silva from Nigeria, Gabriela Salgado from Argentina and Syrago Tsiara, director of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki.

As far as the concept of the Biennale is concerned its theme and title are inspired from the book by Τerry Eagleton “After Theory” and deals “with praxis, not in contrast with, but in conjunction with theory, as an inherent component of the identity and social role of the artist. By praxis we mean conscious and sincere action on the part of the artist – alone or as part of a group – intervening in social and political developments. Convinced as we are that contemporary art represents a privileged field of free expression of the subjective will, we seek out and promote artistic creativity wherever it resists the conversion of the work of art into a consumer product, a social ruse, an empty spectacle”.

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