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1000+1 Prax(e)is

The exhibition is designed to identify those actions which, literally or potentially, might transform the physical space or reshape social relations - through the creative process and theory, the theoretical/political and by extension, social discourse-project – into acts of catharsis. The question it poses, is whether the work of art is an act of protest against materialistic and economic determinism. Whether actions – social, political, economic and creative – are the products of the ‘controlling society’, as defined by Gilles Deleuze. If the artist acts, works, transacts and thinks on the basis of the reality created for him, how does he perceive it? Does he interpret it? Manage it? And a final question: is the visual result the epilogue of the process between theory and work of art – and how can this define and determine, subsequently, the challenge and the appeal of another discourse?

The artists proposed for the exhibition were selected on the basis of the theoretical discourse of the artists, in association with the final result/work of art, and their attitudes as citizens/artists to socio-political issues.

The purpose of the exhibition, being not only to present the works of art but also to involve the spectator, to explore how he perceives and reacts to the images offered him, the curator proposes the compiling of a questionnaire in which the artists will pose questions concerning their work and how it is seen by the visitors. This will allow us to examine to what extent the work of art can contribute to a type of ‘catharsis’ in the Aristotelian sense.

The choice of theme was based on the idea that the spectator should be made aware that before the final result, the work of art, is ready to be seen, there will have occurred 1000+1 Prax(e)is, such as perception, understanding, interpretation, theory, rendering, and so on. In other words, it was our idea that this whole process be recorded.

2 September - 15 October (Institut Francais)
2 September - 9 October (Goethe Institut)

Exhibition curator: Dorothea Konteletzidou
Coordinator: Eirini Papakonstantinou

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