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A Review of Contemporary Serbian Art

The exhibition Disclosure / Underlined Memory, curated by Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenović, the purpose of which is to present contemporary Serbian art and what is the best in it at the moment has its own way and will be staged in France, FYROM, Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Greece. Namely, eleven eminent Serbian artists with eighteen art works are going to “make themselves known i.e. to disclose” to the art public in different countries.

Freeing itself from the constrictions of times gone by, not aspiring to create a new artistic language but intending to follow the trends on the world art scene, contemporary Serbian art is characterised by undertakings wherein individual appearances and representative projects strive to enliven this scene and move it from a standstill position, to place it once again within European and world frameworks. The exhibition Disclosure  / Underlined Memory is subtitled A review of contemporary Serbian art, which ensures its representative character. The selection of the artists is a personal one, as is the actual process of developing its concept.

The materialization of what is seen/observed or what was seen by means of various media enables artists to verbalise their experiences through disciplined acts (M. Bajić), to express their emotions through a kaleidoscopic prism of experience lived through (V. Stevanović), to visualise their thinking about “the internal” through a poetic presentation (A. Vučetić), to present an eclectic heritage through symbolic details (M. Prodanović), to objectify memory by means of monumental forms (M. Dragojlović). Observing means experiencing, so artists are inspired by their real surroundings (V. Perić, A. Rafajlović), resort to witty comments on the “popular” elements of everyday life (D. Otašević) and hidden areas of trivial behaviour (Z. Joksimović, G. Glid) or metaphorically present our ordeals (B. Đurđević).

Reviewing the compatibility of the current Serbian scene with the world trends, we come to the conclusion that it is in a lively, interactive relationship with other systems. The thematic frameworks within which artists who have been selected for this condensed review create are recognised in the artistic creation of any geographic part of European/world space. Memories, personal experience, coexistence within a creative process, dedication... are merely some of the elements that these artists employ in order to “shape time”, that is, to banish oblivion and ensure eternity for themselves, the one that we all aspire to. Referring to previous experiences, we can formulate precisely the starting points of contemporary Serbian art and justify its existence and duration. It manifests that attaining a position on the European or the world art scene may appear to be an imaginary process, but not a useless one. Regaining positions within these frameworks, positions that were frozen for Serbian artists over a short period of time, by means of individual forays or occasions such as this one, when a very diverse art scene is presented in a representative manner, without resorting to pathetic explanations or superfluous discussions, allowing the possibility of a dialogue, is an inspirational and undoubtedly courageous undertaking.

With a support of Cultural Centre of Belgrade, City of Belgrade

Curated by: Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenović /Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Coordinator: Theodore Markoglou

Duration: 24 May - 31 July
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