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e-MobiLArt exhibition - 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale
The group exhibition titled “e-MobiLArt” is taking place during 20 May - 10 June in the context of the European project e-MobiLart (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists) scheduled activities. The exhibition is organized by the State Museum of Contemporary Art and is taking place as a parallel event of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale in Warehouse B1.

The 12 interactive installation artworks exhibited are the result of collaboration amongst 33 participating artists, supported by a team of established theorists, artists and scientists, active in the intersecting fields of art, science and technology. These artworks involve the use of interactive media, ubiquitous computing, communication networks, mobile and locative media technologies.

The e-MobiLArt project aimed at providing the 33 selected participants with a multicultural, interdisciplinary context, for supporting their collaboration and the creation of their artworks. During the first year of the project, three workshops took place in three different European countries (Greece, Finland and Austria). In these workshops, participants formed groups and worked collaboratively for developing their projects while being provided with necessary technical, theoretical and curatorial support.

University of Athens (Greece), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Laboratory of New Technologies in Education, Communication and Mass Media.Project coordinator: Prof. M. Meimaris
Project manager:  Asst. Professor D. Charitos Workshop co-organizer: V. Korakidou
Project administration: P.Eskioglou, O.Paraskevopoulou
Web support & administration: H. Rizopoulos, A.Tsakoumis
University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Austria): Prof. R.Schnell, Prof. V.Schnell University of Lapland (Finland): Prof. M.Yla Kotola, M.Niinimaki, B. Schuelke

N. Czegledy, A. Bureaud, C. Galanopoulou, honorary member: R. Malina.

Leonardo/OLATS: R. Malina, A. Bureaud, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (Greece): M. Tsantsanoglou, A. Mykoniati, Academy of Fine Arts - Gallery, Katowice (Poland): Prof. M. Oslislo, A. Chorebala, A. Haracimowicz, Cycling74 (USA): L. Wessling Hart, J. BernsteinI-CubeX (Canada): A. Mulder, E. Sinyor, Haute Ecole "Groupe ICHEC-ISC St Louis-ISFSC" (Belgium): Prof. J.D. Seroen

The e-MobiLArt Project is co-funded by the CULTURE 2007 Programme of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

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