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Greek Printmaking, an Overview

The exhibition Greek Printmaking, an overview was first presented at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens during November and December of 2009. In the frame of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, the exhibition will be transferred and displayed at the Cultural Center of Toumba (Municipality of Thessaloniki) and will be co-organized by the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, the Printmaking Conservancy Board and the State Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition will include approximately 200 artworks and 149 participating artists.  

This exhibition presents the his¬torical advancement of printmaking within the bound¬aries of Greece through a significative collection of works exhibited. The art public will have the opportu¬nity to enjoy the artworks shown and to get a bigger picture of what printmaking really is, of its historical course and of the extend of its signif¬icance.
The art of printmaking, with all its diverse and appealing applications, has enriched the visual arts 'with new modes of expression - having at the same time one great advantage: it can create multiple art¬works, each one of them still bearing the authentic aura of-an original.

Venue: Cultural Center of Toumba
Opening: 18 June 2009
Duration: 18 June – 12 September 2009

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