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In this exhibition, a large part of the work of “Electros” (Babis Vekris) from the last decade will be displayed. These works consist of installations, environments, and wall compositions, in which art meets technology in an interesting and original way. In particular, electricity and light are brought to the forefront, to create a subversive and attractive at the same time image, the completion of which demands the participation of the viewer.
As mentioned by the exhibition’s curator, art historian of the State Museum of Contemporary, Art Giannis Bolis, “the works compose the artist’s intellectual and emotional involvement in the concept of development, in a composite world of art and technology. Electros’s innovative concepts are realized through different forms, as the artist aims for a different aesthetic order, while scientific questions about the work of art lead us to new paths on the search for the method of artistic creation”.

Curator – Coordinator: Giannis Bolis, Art Historian – Curator of the State Museum of Contemporary Art

Duration: June 17 – August 30
Venue: Warehouse Β1, Port of Thessaloniki

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