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WEAK MONUMENTS / a topography of public murder in Thessaloniki

“Weak Monuments” is an exhibition prepared by the “Built Event group” with the ambition to describe a city out of some selected crimes that took place in its public space. Thessaloniki is marked by famous murders; it is also an ordinary modern town where a lot of "insignificant" criminal acts take place. The aim of this Built Event's show is to pose the question of murder in an urban scale: a city is shaped as a layering of receiving, recording and placing its murders.
The term "κτιστ συμβν" (ktisto symban = "built event") describes a particular (theoretical or practical) "area" which fades away between a procedure and the procedure’s traces: a built procedure, its theatrical preparation, a work of tracing, and some random resultant traces.

October 17-Novemebr 18, 2009
Bar Association of Thesslaoniki Building
103, Tsimiski str.
T +30 2310589140
Monday-Sunday 11:00-20:00

Aristide Antonas , Alexios Dallas , Philippos Oraiopoulos

Athina  Athanasiou, Yorgos Anastasiades, Efi Avdela, Rika Beneviste, Riccardo Caldura, Julia Chryssostalis, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Stratos Dordanas, Elli Euthimiou, Charoula Florou, Aleka Gerolympou, Patrick Hanafin, Vilma Hastaoglou, Ioanna Laliotou, Antonis Liakos, Konstantinos Logothetes, Apostolos Likessas, Anthony Molho, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, Dimitris Psaroulis, Tassos Sakelaropoulos, Sakis Serefas, Eyal Sivan, Yiannis Stavrakakis, Odette Varon Vassar, Gerasimos Vokos

Katerina Chrisanthopoulou, Benoit Durandin, Valentina  Karga, Katerina Koutsogianni, Eva Papamargariti, Petros Phokaides, Yorgos Rimenides, Iliana Tsapatsari, Irini Oraiopoulou

Theodore Markoglou

Bar Association of Thessaloniki

Collaborating Institution:
GSA – Historical Archive of Makedonia
European Centre for Information, Communication and Culture – Hellenic National Centre for Maps and Cartographic Heritage -  National Map Library
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Archive of Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki
TAM University of Thessaly


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